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Introducing the GlamPro Tray, the ultimate organizational solution for aesthetic professionals!

This sleek and functional tray is designed to streamline your workflow and enhance efficiency during treatments.


Organized Neuromodulator Syringes: The GlamPro Tray features designated compartments to hold Botox syringes, neatly organizing them by area of the face. This ensures easy access and precise application every time.


Spill-Proof Vial Holder: Securely hold your vials in place to prevent spills and waste. The tray’s design keeps your workspace clean and safe.


Dermal Filler Syringe Storage: Dedicated slots for dermal filler syringes keep them within reach and ready for use, enhancing the overall treatment experience.


Elevate your practice with the GlamPro Tray, designed to provide convenience, safety, and a touch of elegance to your aesthetic procedures. Perfect for busy professionals looking to maintain a tidy and efficient treatment area.



GlamPro Tray (Patent Pending)

Item will ship in two weeks
  • All sales are final. 

  • Items will ship in two weeks.

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